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Now Available: Basic and Intermediate Network Leadership Training Modules

For those who are leading complex issues, using network approaches can increase reach, and activate and mobilize more people and resources to advance work on critical social issues.


Leadership programs have an opportunity to build the network competency of the individuals and groups they support. In2018, in collaboration with the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, Leadership Learning Community began to support an emerging meta network of people working across a range of social factors like housing, transportation, food systems, etc., that can enhance or limit health. The purpose of this network was to create the conditions for everyone to live the healthiest life possible, in addition to connecting work across multiple issues.


We’re excited to share a set of Network Leadership modules with our leadership development practitioner community.

LLC’s approach to supporting this network, (now called the WEB Network) was two prong:


  1. To conduct a series of basic and intermediate network leadership trainings that engage and train potential network participants to adopt network principles and the behaviors needed for leading in networks

  2. To convene of Community of Practice composed of self-identifying people and organizations who see the potential value of this network, want to learn more about networks and were willing to experiment with network activation strategies


The Basic and Intermediate Network Leadership trainings, which were offered three times in 90 minute virtual sessions by the LLC team (Deborah Meehan, June Holley, Beth Kanter, Kiara Nagel, Monica Tzeng and Ari Sahagun), have been refined to produce Basic and Intermediate Network Leadership Training modules.


There are a number of ways you can use these modules:

  1. You will find a deck for the Basic Training and the Intermediate Training along with a training plan that includes activities with instructions about technology if you are offering the session virtually.

  2. The deck and training can be delivered virtually or in person.

  3. There is also a recording of both the basic and intermediate trainings that can be used if you prefer not to deliver the content yourself.


Thanks to RWJF there is not cost for these modules. If you have questions contact If enough people are interested we will hold a webinar about using the modules or create a Community of Practice for leadership practitioners using these resources.


The WEB Network Community of Practice has supported, funded and connected a number of projects across the country working on food security, behavioral health and equity. If you are interested in learning about how your work to create equity in the conditions that affect health could advance and be advanced by the WEB network contact to get connected.