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Join our Team! LLC is Looking for a Project Manager


Job Summary

We are looking for an experienced Project Manager with an interest in advancing equity through Leadership Development. This role is limited in duration as determined by the project timeline, but may have the opportunity to extend.


The Project Manager will work in coordination with the Project Lead and will spend approximately two-thirds of the time on the primary project, and one-third of their time allocated to other projects as needed. The Project Manager will work with the Project Leads to successfully monitor and drive the work of projects. The Project Manager will manage the work of consultant teams, the Project will include 10-15 seasoned consultants. The Project Manager will track project goals, milestones, and deliverables to complete the project on time, in scope, and on budget.

Primary Project Background

The Leadership Learning Community has been in a learning partnership to activate and support Culture of Health networks. In 2017, LLC was funded to offer network training to more than 500 individuals and networks, and to launch the WEB network, a network of networks that were interested in connecting to advance a Culture of Health. The learning and scaffolding put in place have created a foundation for a strong start with an Alumni Network comprised of graduates of four health equity-related leadership development programs. LLC also helped to facilitate the exploratory work to assess interest in an alumni network, identify key elements of a strategy that are attractive to alumni, synthesize internal suggestions and concerns, and formulate recommendations. This project seeks to build on and integrate these two pieces of work to activate the alumni as the catalytic core of a powerful Culture of Health network.


Why Work at LLC?

LLC is committed to justice and equity. We work hard to practice our values in all areas of our work, actively walking the talk of equity. The network we engage in is an exciting and diverse group of individuals and institutions committed to advancing justice. The work environment is fun, communal and supportive. We maintain high work standards while also having a very flexible and family-friendly organization. 

Are you interested?  Do you know someone who might be?