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Register for the Leadership Learning Community Bay Area and Boston Meetings on Leadership and Collective Impact

To celebrate the publication of the how-to series on leadership and collective impact (, we are convening Bay Area and Boston funders, practitioners and evaluators to focus learning on how to invest in, design, implement and assess leadership development processes that build relationships, catalyze networks, and benefit communities.


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2012 Webinar: Global Action Networks | Follow-Up Blog with Steve Waddell


Global Action Networks: a Breakthrough Innovation
By Steve Waddell of Networking Action: Organizing for the 21st Century

Steve Waddell follows up on his recent webinar Global Action Networks, and provides links to resources and information on the upcoming Virtual Course: Network Development Challenges below.

Common good global action has never broken down:  only with globalization do we understand the need to build it up.  Some lament the lack of global government to address critical issues and opportunities, some theorize about the way global government should be developed, and some are actively creating new ways to take decisions and action for the global common good.  The way that interests me most is Global Action Networks (GANs).  These are emerging as meta-networks, catching in their webs the vast variety of organizations that exist, including governments, corporations and NGOs.  They are an organizational innovation that will undoubtedly become increasingly important. read more »

2012 Webinar: Going After Big Results: A Different Take on Leadership Development | Monday, November, 19 2012

Presenter: Jolie Bain Pillsbury

Topic: Going After Big Results: A Different Take on Leadership Development

Date: Monday, November, 19 2012 | 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM PDT

The Leadership Learning Community is committed to promoting leadership approaches that are more inclusive, networked and collective.  Innovative programs that focus leadership supports on people who want to make change together (and not just on individuals) are achieving more impressive improvements in the well being of people and communities.  One thing that these programs have in common is a willingness to put a stake in the ground committing to a significant community benefit and they support individuals and organizations in the process of aligning and learning from their efforts to bring about this change.  One program that you will come across frequently in LLC’s writing because it successfully integrates these elements is the Leadership in Action Program funded by the Annie E. Casey Foundation.  The program is informed by and tests a solid leadership theory, The Theory of Aligned Contribution developed by Jolie Bain Pillsbury.  We are happy to have Jolie as a guest presenting this theory and her research findings which have broad application to people passionate about leadership development and social change that produces measurable results for communities.

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2012 Webinar: Global Action Networks | Monday, October 22, 2012

Presenter: Steve Waddell

Topic: Global Action Networks

Date: Monday, October 22, 2012 | 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM PDT

In this webinar, Steve Waddell presents present GANs as emerging "meta-networks", catching in their webs literally all organizations in the world.  Learn how you might work with them locally, regionally or globally to realize your goals. Steve has spent over a decade working with one strategy he calls Global Action Networks that is fast advancing from periphery to center, because of its promise to address seemingly intractible change challenges. read more »

New Report: A Guide for Strengthening the Collective Impact of Your Leadership Development Work


As part of the Leadership for a New Era (LNE) initiative - a collaborative research initiative that seeks to promote more inclusive, networked and collective leadership models - the Leadership Learning Community (LLC) has generated a series of "How To" guides for leadership program staff. The guides are supported by funding from the W.K. Kellogg Foundation.


The guides can be read separately or as an interconnected series. They also offer recommendations on these important topics: read more »

  • How to use action learning to achieve your results
  • How to recruit to maximize the value of your cohort
  • How to cultivate and activate your network

LLC MEMBER SPOTLIGHT: International Leadership Pioneer, Cheryl Francisconi, IIE

LLC Member Spotlight: Cheryl Francisconi

Cheryl Francisconi is an international pioneer in designing and implementing leadership strategies at the country level to meet the needs of local and emerging leaders by providing them with the supports they need to take their leadership to the next level, including being part of an in-country leadership network. LLC had the pleasure of working with Cheryl on a reproductive health leadership evaluation in the mid-2000s. As a program director, Cheryl always advocated for leadership approaches that were responsive to the needs of participants.  Too often leadership programs provide a one size fits all curriculum, with no plans for follow-on engagement of alumni.  Not so for the Leadership Development for Mobilizing Reproductive Health program that Cheryl ran, which was a model of a more sustainable and impactful approach to developing and supporting leadership in developing countries, like Ethiopia.  Cheryl always speaks with passion, clarity, and deep credibility about what it takes to support leadership in ways that are sustainable and impactful over the long haul.    

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Guest Blog Post: Dalai Lama Fellows: Ethics for a Whole World


By: Bidisha Banerjee, Dalai Lama Fellows

Dalai Lama Fellows is a new program personally authorized by His Holiness the Dalai Lama to guide a global network of young social entrepreneurs to deepen their effectiveness by embracing secular ethics and contemplative values. Over the past two years, we have given grants of up to $10,000 to student-led compassion-in-action projects in locations including Oakland, Appalachia, Atlanta, New York City, Kashmir, Dharamsala, Yogayakarta, Ghana, Jerusalem, Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, Tanzania, Egypt, Kenya, the Philippines, and Navajo Nation.


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Guest Blog Post: Weaving a Network to Build a Central Valley Health Equity Movement


By Vivian Zamora, Central Valley Health Policy

The Central Valley Health Policy Institute has dedicated itself to eliminating health disparities in the poor counties of the San Joaquin Valley. CVHPI recently partnered with the Leadership Learning Community to engage graduates of the Health Policy Leadership Program in a six month project to intentionally weave the network and strengthen their capacity to grow a health equity movement in the Central Valley. CVHPI established a network weavers team that included graduates from  different sectors that unite with the same passion to address the social determinants of health that led the Central Valley to have among the worst health outcomes in the country. This team has resulted in relationships being built between people who are starting to see each other as resources, and beginning to envision how they could form the nucleus of a regional health equity network.

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2012 Webinar: Leadership and Web 2.0 | Follow-Up Q&A with Grady McGonagill


Following the 2012 Webinar: Leadership and Web 2.0, presenter Dr. Grady McGonagill, LLC board member and principal of McGonagill Consulting, shares comments and answers questions from participants.

Q: Could you summarize what is the essential message of your presentation? I’m not very good at “essential messages.”  A weakness I’ll no doubt carry to the grave. But among the central messages are the following: read more »

  • The Web is having a revolutionary impact on organizations in all sectors, with some common elements across sectors (e.g., openness and transparency, loosening of boundaries, emergence of networks, and a contraction of space and time) and some that are distinctive to each sector (one that is prominent in the social sector is a shift from organization-centric to network-centric engagement; from organizations to organizing)
  • This revolutionary impact is crystallizing a shift already underway toward a new leadership paradigm, which is among other things less hierarchical and more inclusive, participatory, and collective
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