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Guest Blog Post: Weaving a Network to Build a Central Valley Health Equity Movement


By Vivian Zamora, Central Valley Health Policy

The Central Valley Health Policy Institute has dedicated itself to eliminating health disparities in the poor counties of the San Joaquin Valley. CVHPI recently partnered with the Leadership Learning Community to engage graduates of the Health Policy Leadership Program in a six month project to intentionally weave the network and strengthen their capacity to grow a health equity movement in the Central Valley. CVHPI established a network weavers team that included graduates from  different sectors that unite with the same passion to address the social determinants of health that led the Central Valley to have among the worst health outcomes in the country. This team has resulted in relationships being built between people who are starting to see each other as resources, and beginning to envision how they could form the nucleus of a regional health equity network.

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2012 Webinar: Leadership and Web 2.0 | Follow-Up Q&A with Grady McGonagill


Following the 2012 Webinar: Leadership and Web 2.0, presenter Dr. Grady McGonagill, LLC board member and principal of McGonagill Consulting, shares comments and answers questions from participants.

Q: Could you summarize what is the essential message of your presentation? I’m not very good at “essential messages.”  A weakness I’ll no doubt carry to the grave. But among the central messages are the following: read more »

  • The Web is having a revolutionary impact on organizations in all sectors, with some common elements across sectors (e.g., openness and transparency, loosening of boundaries, emergence of networks, and a contraction of space and time) and some that are distinctive to each sector (one that is prominent in the social sector is a shift from organization-centric to network-centric engagement; from organizations to organizing)
  • This revolutionary impact is crystallizing a shift already underway toward a new leadership paradigm, which is among other things less hierarchical and more inclusive, participatory, and collective
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