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Leadership and Race: Bay Area Learning Circle Reflections

A couple days ago on August 15th, we co-hosted a two hour Learning Circle with the Rockwood Leadership Institute to address within our own community recent events as they relate to race and leadership. Some of you came to learn more about this subject, make connections among local organizations, and/or to find healing within each other.  We divided ourselves into smaller groups and dipped into our emotions, stories, and collected resources that had been on our mind.


Leadership and Race: Bay Area Learning Circle Reflections from Leadership Learning Community on Vimeo.


In this short amount of time, we were not able to go deep into this very complex conversation. In fact, more questions came out of this than we could really tackle. Having a small number of staff, we definitely understand that the time commitment to this important work can be one of its greatest limitations and we ourselves could not commit to day-long retreats or conferences in this moment. As we were planning the meeting we realized that if we were having these time limits others would too, and we elected to having a shorter, brown-bag lunch meeting, that would still work for many that like us have other commitments. However, we were able to share ideas and connect with others committed to ending structural racism. Stacy had envisioned this meeting not as a strategy session but as a place for people to heal together.   Also, we are polling participants to see if they might be willing to meet once a month for other brown-bag lunch meetings and create a community of practice to discuss and build on these conversations and work towards making a real impact. We invited the participants, and also invite others in the LLC community, to let us know if they are interested in participating in these conversations.



The conversation resulted in a collection of resources which have been listed on Scoop.It. Although we agreed to create a safe and private space to work through our emotions and brainstorm ideas, some participants agreed to share their post-meeting thoughts with all of you via video.  Our participants found inspiration in their work as it directly relates to combating structural racism. Others found healing in acceptance from others. Some saw the good work others were doing and were inspired by it.  All in all, we look forward to continuing our own work around Leadership and Race and hope to continue to hear from all of you and how your work inspires you to keep battling structural racism for a more just society?