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Demystifying LLC’s Webinar Series


The last two months have been a great time for LLC’s Webinar Series all due to having wonderful volunteers from our community who have stepped up and shared their knowledge with all of us. To keep this momentum going, we have been lining up more webinars in the coming weeks, more info on these soon. We have been reflecting on how we can demystify and decentralize the process so more webinars can continue to happen.

Ideally, we like to partner with individuals, organizations, movements, networks, partnerships, etc. that conceive, conduct, and evaluate leadership. To us, leadership is a process of collaboration and we uphold models that create social change through their work. Many programs do not realize that they have much to contribute to the field.

If you or someone you know if interested in hosting a webinar with the Leadership Learning Community, here are the steps that you can expect.


  1. Contact LLC and let us know you’re interested in hosting a webinar. You can either email or submit your responses through this form.

  2. We will need a bio and picture for each presenter as well as a description for the webinar. And of course we will need to coordinate a date and time.

  3. LLC then sends out an email to our member list of over close to 4500, who self select and register to attend.

  4. A few days before the actual presentation, you will need to complete your final PowerPoint slide deck. At this time, LLC staff walks through the platform with you.

  5. The day of, LLC runs the technology.


Although it may be a small commitment, many of our previous volunteers have found that they typically already have a PowerPoint presentation on hand that they may make minor changes to. They typically, already know what topics interest them. For those that may not clearly know ahead of time, we encourage you to reflect on your work and the ways that you’ve succeeded in transforming leadership development; a webinar is a great way of documenting that learning.

We look forward to connecting with many of you through this process and continue to bring you lessons from our peers in this field. For a list of upcoming and past webinars or if you would like to see past webinar recordings and the PowerPoint slides, check out our webinar series page.