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Webinar Follow Up: Questions on Self Organized Leadership in Networks: Lessons from Occupy Sandy and the People’s Climate March

When Hurricane Sandy hit, a self organized network quickly emerged from pre-existing networks and new volunteers that resoundingly out performed traditional relief agencies.  Why and how was this network able to do this?  What does leadership look like in situations such as this that are complex and ever shifting? In our webinar we explored the nuts and bolts of self organizing, strategies for supporting such networks and how self organized strategies and leadership can be applied to your work on complex problems. However, some questions remained for participants. Below are the answers to your pending questions.


Responses by Tamara Shapiro

Would you please describe how the network strings in the preceding photo were being used? (Kitty Wooley) Before Rockaway Wildfire Slide.

The network strings were used as an icebreaker activity.  It was a few years ago, but if I remember correctly we asked folks to throw the string to someone else in the circle and tell a story of how they first met that person, so we could see in real time how our network formed. Then we took post it notes and asked folks to draw a line between themselves and everyone else in the network who they were connected to.

Where are the leaders now? What are they up to and  are the still engaged? (Consuelo Martinez)

The leaders are really all over the place.  A few weeks ago we were almost hit with another Hurricane which prompted us to pull the network back together and reflect on what we would do if another hurricane did hit our shores. Some folks both from the Rockaways and other areas around NYC are still working on projects that emerged out of Occupy Sandy, such as Rockaway Wildfire, Worker Owned Rockaway Wildfire, Sandy Storyline and a tech group developing tools for disaster. Some folks work with more institutionalized relief agencies. And some leaders went back to life as before. 


Did you miss the webinar? Watch it now.

You can find the slides and recording here.