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Resources for Grassroots Leadership From The Community Connections Grant Program

In the past, we’ve highlighted the work of Community Connections as a model for us to learn from. We even worked together to host our last Creating Space together. As many of you may recall, Community Connections works to empower communities to create change by granting funds to local projects. Their model requires community-led proposal analyses via panels. They grant on average between $500-$5,000 for projects and these seed funds, in turn, create avenues for nontraditional leadership development. Being on the ground, Community Connections develops individuals and teams as part of whole communities. They meet individuals where they are and respond quickly to the needs of six specific neighborhoods in Detroit, Michigan.


As Community Connections celebrates a decade of working in Detroit, in great part as a result of The Skillman Foundation’s 2006 Good Neighborhoods Initiative, a new evaluation report has just been released by the Foundation. In it, the evaluators,  Touchstone Center for Collaborative Inquiry, dive deep into the results of this work, the lessons they’ve learned, and recommendations that others can apply.  LLC has also been in conversations with Lisa Leverette who runs Community Connections and who has expressed interest in engaging all of you a webinar in 2017 to answer your questions and learn more. Stay tuned.


In addition, the Skillman Foundation shared this video. We congratulate them on the work done through the Good Neighborhoods Initiative and celebrate the  815 projects funded $2.8 million through Community Connections Grants Program. You can find the full report here and learn more about this report on The Skillman Foundation's website.