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The Action Learning Seed Fund: An Update (January 2017)

The Leadership Learning Community is very excited about launching our Action Learning Seed Fund. As our facilitators in the Race Forward Training said “when you are resisting, you struggle. It goes slow.” Racial equity takes time and we want to give our Selection Committee enough time to make intentional decisions together.

We received 17 interested candidates for our selection committee. We expected eight. We decided to take everyone to practice working in networked ways. The Selection Committee has been reviewing our plan, and we are in the process of scheduling a call in the coming days to finalize our plan.


Once they have made a collective decision, we will move forward and release the application with clear eligibility requirements and guidelines. This is still a high priority at LLC and we would like to execute this process while holding our values of networked inclusivity. We will continue to send you updates. If you would like more details, sign up for our upcoming webinar to hear more about this process and how to apply once this powerful team has had the opportunity to bring their best collective thinking to the fund we will move forward.