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LLC’s $25,000 Action Learning Seed Fund: Webinar VIDEO and Frequently Asked Questions (February 2017)

Last month, the Leadership Learning Community announced $25,000 to be released as a Seed Fund. Since then, we have worked with our Selection Committee of 19, to finalize our plan.


The application form is now open. All application are due on February 28th by 11:59pm Pacific.

If you missed our launch webinar, you can still review below the recording, review the slides, and find frequently asked questions.


Please share widely and contact Miriam with any questions.






Frequently Asked Questions


  • Will these slides be available? Where can we download the slides?

  • Can organizations apply for more than one program?

    • The Seed Fund is not ongoing, so beware of seeking to fund programs. However, if you want to try something new or experiment with your program, you can seek to apply. Organizations should also carefully select their partners and team. In short, an organization can seek to apply to more than once.

  • Can a private foundation apply?

    • A private foundation would not be disqualified for being a foundation. Attention should be given to the Fund Parameters (slide 14) to ensure that you are explicit about who makes up the team.


  • Is a local organization that has a leadership team made up of people of color and white people eligible?

    • Yes, a team can have a mixed leadership. We encourage you to be explicit about how your team will work together to ensure your internal processes are also racially equitable.

  • Is there a list of selection criteria and/or have a point system by which we are evaluated?

  • What about projects that are focused on the intersection of race and health? I’m interested in - how race affects health outcomes.

    • Yes, you could definitely apply. We understand that racism is systemic and that it appears in many fields.


  • Can funds be used to cover disability-related accessibility services?

    • Yes, if the funds would increase the accessibility of people of color to services, you’re more than welcomed to apply.

  • What will be the evaluation process/what’s required from grantees re: reporting?

    • The Selection Committee will come up with one or two questions which grantees will be asked to answer via a short article and/or webinar presentation.

  • Any preference for projects fully funded by seed fund? Or consideration of matching or in-kind funds?

    • Though the Selection Committee would appreciate knowing if there are other funds available to keep these projects going after funds are spent down, no preference will be given to projects/ideas that already have matching or in-kind funds.

  • Can you explain the 3-4 sessions for sharing?

    • The Leadership Learning Community will host these sessions in partnership with Susan Misra from the Management Assistance Group. After the final selections have been made, LLC will poll the availability of all the team members. The sessions will be scheduled to prioritize the attendance of all team members of the awarded projects. These sessions will be facilitated to be spaces of support for grantees.


  • How will awardees participate in Community of Practice (ie., in person, by phone, video, etc)?

    • Our Communities of Practice will be via Zoom, same platform as this webinar. You can join via your computer or phone. Participants will be asked to join a session once every two months, or so, for 90-minute sessions.


  • Is 501c3 required to apply?

    • No, a 501c3 is not required to apply. Individuals can apply and receive funds directly. However,  if you do receive the funds as individuals there could be tax liabilities.

  • What is Creating Space? Is it required for grantees to go to New Orleans to report?

    • Creating Space is LLC’s national meeting. Grantees will not be required to travel to New Orleans. As a whole, LLC does provide equity funding to facilitate the attendance of anyone that is interested in joining.


  • Is this a national grant or is it limited to California?


  • Is the application open now?

  • Is there a copy of the application? Or is there a way to save the application as you go through it page by page?

    • You cannot save the application to go through it page by page, but the questions can be found verbatim on this downloadable template

  • How many networks/groups do you anticipate will apply?

    • We don’t know. It will depend on how many we are able to reach. As a reference, over 75 people registered for this webinar.

  • More questions?