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Action Learning Seed Fund: Embody Racial Equity (February 2017)

Our Action Learning Seed Fund is well underway. In case you missed it; last month we announced that $25,000 from LLC’s core funding would be released and granted to projects seeking to leverage the leadership of people of color. From the application to the implementation, we envision people of color modeling ways that create pathways for racial equity through leadership development. Three weeks ago we launched the application during our webinar.


Since the launch, we’ve been overjoyed with the responses from all of you. So many immediately shared the application. The final numbers are not yet in, but we do know the webinar video has been watched 250+ times, the links have been clicked and shared 4100+ and counting. At the time of this publication, before the deadline, we have already received over 100 applications.

What’s Next?


Tomorrow morning after the application closes, I will begin the process of filtrating applications that do not meet our criteria and group by theme the eligible candidates. Though members of the selection committee will be reviewing each of the applications, we would also appreciate the wisdom of the LLC community.  Your input will help guide the conversation as we evaluate over 100 applications.


Depending on how many of you, our LLC community, are interested in being a part of this process, and how many applications you can each review, we will assign each of you 5-10 short proposals to vote on. Each application is about 2 pages long and make for very quick reads. Applications will be available for your review from March 6th till March 14th.

The finalist will be chosen by the selection committee and collectively they hold full-veto power over the final decisions. Ideally, each application will be reviewed by a few of you and 1-2 Selection Committee Members. If you’re interested in being a part of this process, let us know and we will be in contact within a few days with instructions. This will also minimize the emails we send to those of you too busy to participate. We appreciate all of your input in advance.