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Update: LLC’s Action Learning Seed Fund (March 2017)

This month all of us, the LLC network, have been busily preparing and reviewing applications. The Seed Fund was such a success! Though the application process was open for three weeks, you must have all shared this among your own networks because we had over 2000 clicks to all of our materials. Some of the project teams that applied had not been directly in touch with LLC and some teams are located outside of the United States. This broad reach could only have happened if all of you had actively shared with others. (Thank you!)


A Network Approach

Though ecstatic, I must admit I felt a little overwhelmed for a moment, that is until we engaged all of you. It was such a humbling and love-filled moment to send an email and instantaneously get 103 of you to respond. So many of you have worked with us in different capacities or have been following our work, and to interact with you in this moment was uplifting and inspirational. Everyone that responded was excited to contribute towards racial equity.  

Each of our community reviewers sent your availability based on what you could take on. While some reviewed two proposals, others had capacity for twenty! Together, through our networked efforts, we were able to review each application multiple times.  With a calibration document and a score sheet in hand, each community reviewer entered their scores for the application. In addition, the selection committee is reviewing each application one additional time, as well before making final decisions later this week.

Spreading Happiness

As one selection committee member says: “When are we going to spread this happiness?” We are excited to announce that this week the selection committee will be making final decisions. It will be a hard choice because so many projects have innovative approaches to tackling racial inequity. Our plan is to announce to the community on Monday, and celebrate with those finalists. We will share more about their projects including their proposals.

Planting and Harvesting Racial Equity

The planting and harvesting has already begun to happen through our application process. With over 100 making a clear commitment to push racial equity forward through your network leadership and it will continue on to the projects.


In April, after we’ve announced and connected with everyone, we will immediately begin the process of disbursing the funds and schedule our first Community of Practice. Our partner, Susan Misra from the Management Assistant Group, will facilitate our Community of Practice sessions, and we will dive deeper into supporting our finalists through this year until completion. You will all, of course, continue to receive updates and we will share any knowledge kernels that could be applied to your own work. Without a doubt you will also hear more about this work at Creating Space in New Orleans this October.


Work Of Love

Thank you to each one of you again for your contributions to this Seed Fund. Many of you worked through the weekend to review. Others could not contribute with their time, but did so with their words of support and appreciation. Without a doubt this project is already a success because of all of you. Thank you.