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LLC Webinar Series | Tools for Network Mapping: How SNA maps can transform your work with Christine Capra & Tracy Kunkler


Social Network Analyses are often used to measure the progress of networks. Through the maps, you’re able to track how relationships propel the work and which relationships can be fostered further to catalyze energy and create the foundation for more experiments and harvest learning. Networked inherently means that not all individuals or organization know each other, but maps clarify where the gaps are and how to achieve deeper connectivity. However, this tool can feel allusive and expensive. Join this webinar to learn more about how you can implement this tool in your work and begin to create your own maps.


Christine and Tracy will introduce a new approach to network mapping, which builds on the benefits of classic SNA and has recently become available through the new mapping tools Kumu and sumApp. They will discuss how these new tools enable an approach wasn’t really possible using the old tools - which is more collaborative, engaging, emergent, more designed to follow the energy, enable greater transparency, and able to track network development over time. They will talk about the process of developing these new kinds of network maps, how the tools make the difference and how they fit together, and share some benefits of this new approach.


Tuesday July 25, 2017

10:00am -11:00pm Pacific | 1:00pm-2:00pm Eastern









Christine Capra

In a previous job, Christine was VP of marketing and analytics managing  surveys and data-visualization for a small consulting firm. She also has a Master’s degree in Organizational Leadership, focussing on self-organizing systems. With her spouse and business partner Tim Hanson, she has combined her interests in data-visualization and systems-change to develop a participatory network mapping practice using online interactive network maps for action networks. Their firm is 'Greater than the Sum'.

In their mapping practice, they found that existing tools for surveying groups of people about their relationships to one another were cumbersome, expensive, and/or not usable with large groups. And regular survey tools, such as SurveyMonkey, Google forms and others export data in a format that isn’t designed to work with network maps. They discovered a need for a new survey-ish tool designed explicitly for gathering information from large groups of people about their relationships, that would work smoothly with network mapping tools.

In response to that need, they developed 'sumApp', and online network-survey app, available to the public by subscription. 'sumApp' was designed to reduce the friction in their own mapping practice, as well as to enable non-technical, non-expert types to be able to create their own network maps.

Tracy Kunkler

Tracy Kunkler, MSW, is Co-founder and Principal at Social Profit Strategies. She also co-founded the Dynamic Governance Institute, which has evolved into Circle Forward, a system of consent-based governance that is being used by nonprofits, social enterprises, and cross-sector networks at the local, regional, and multi-state levels.  

She focuses on shifting systemic issues that require large scale collaborative effort.  With years of community development experience, Tracy understands her clients’ needs for more adaptive ways of governing how they work together, make decisions, create inclusion, empower leadership, and distribute power – to bring about more effective and equitable results in large scale systems change.

Her reputation as a skilled facilitator and her passion for the local food movement have attracted a wide variety of organizations and networks, like the Carolina Farm Stewardship Association and the Appalachian Foodshed Project.