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The Action Learning Seed Fund’s Final Reports Next Month (November 2017)

2017 is quickly coming to a close. In mid January, we first announced our network’s Action Learning Seed Fund to support the leadership of people of color. At the time, LLC hoped that eight people would be able to join our selection committee to create eligibility criteria. To our humble surprise, 20 of you volunteered your time and in a matter of days we had a finalized application process, eligibility criteria, and even a selection and review process.


In the first week of February, the application launched via a webinar. However, word quickly spread, and three weeks later we had received 130 eligible applications. Overwhelmed by the numbers, we again reached out to you, our network, to help us review and select the final candidates. Our amazing selection committee, showed up and  reviewed all the applications received. In addition, 109 of you reviewed the applications and the selection committee finalized the selections. In early April, we announced our finalists: Vigilant Love, the WISE Network, and Black Muslim Youth Rising.  As a whole, this effort engaged over 500 people. With a staff of three, LLC could have only been able to do this in a networked way.


The work has continued throughout the year. We’ve had three of our four communities of practice sessions. We hired Susan Misra from Management Assistance Group to co-host these sessions. Each of the sessions, has been focused on augmenting the leadership of people of color.  In August, we shared some of what we learned together in one of our sessions. The grant projects will be completed in the coming days. As the funding comes to a close, and in our next community of practice, we will be reflecting on the next steps for these projects.

In the meantime, we wanted to cordially invite you to join us for final reports! This effort could not have happened without all of your time, support, energy, and your willingness to step up to do this work. From the beginning, LLC felt that we, the staff, were not truly the “funders” but rather that you, the network are truly the philanthropists. The way that you all contributed to these efforts represented that. As such, finals reports will be webinars. You are all invited to hear from each project, learn from their process, and of course, come ask questions. Please add the following dates to your calendars and learn with us about how to support the leadership of people of color on the ground.