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LLC Webinar | Lessons from The Field: Leadership That Heals and Dismantles Systemic Racism

This past Tuesday, Vigilant Love shared how they’ve built community in Los Angeles to build resilient community. Vigilant Love started as a response Islamophobia after terrorist attacks in the US and here are some key lessons from their final report.

Importance of Creating Healing Spaces by Bridging Communities

In addition to modeling this through their facilitation this week, Vigilant Love creates spaces where the leadership of people of color can take all forms. Vigilant Love holds spaces where everyone can be in a loving community to heal, and to activate their leadership from a place of strength and community. A key leadership competency to do this work is deep listening to create strong and authentic relationships.


Building A Community Consciousness

Vigilant Love began as a response to Islamophobia and to that effect, dismantling Islamaphobia and racism is the ultimate goal. VL works with multi-generations to continue on the arc of the work already done by elders in their community. Towards this, VL leaders remain in constant vigilance in what’s happening that affects communities. To dismantle inequity, leaders have to be aware of the systems and institutions that produce inequity.


Learn more from the Vigilant Love in the video below and join us to learn from the WISE Network this Thursday. The WISE Network works towards creating financial pathways for Black women and their families. Their collective helps Black women learn and practice how to build wealth and businesses within Black communities. Through virtual and in-person trainings, the WISE Network’s trainings dismantle systemic inequity for women in Minnesota and nationwide. Their goal is to address wealth gaps by creating access to opportunity and resources. Their work truly embodies leadership development as they continue to create access for leaders ready to take charge of their own lives and transform their communities for generations to come.



2018.01.16 LLC Webinar Series | Vigilant Love Final Report from Leadership Learning Community on Vimeo.