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Rooted In Community & Appreciation: Saudades, Miriam

It is with a deep appreciation that I announce that I will be leaving LLC mid-May. I have an exciting new position at a local health startup that is offering me the opportunity to take my skills to the next level. The Leadership Learning Community has been my home for over five and a half years. I’ve been in the trenches through Creating Spaces, Learning Circles, webinars, publications, and consulting projects. I’ve been honored that you’ve come along as I’ve reflected on the world and this work each month in this newsletter. As I leave, though I will miss Deborah, Bella, our amazing consultants, and all of you, my heart remains full knowing that our time together knows no bounds and I hope that our interactions though big or small may ripple through time as our journeys continue.

I look forward to continuing to stay connected to LLC’s work as the work continues to transform how people see, fund, run, and evaluate leadership and leadership development. In my time, LLC taught me that:

  • Leadership is a process

  • The work without people in its center, is meaningless

  • We are all worthy and valuable in this work and have a role to play; find your role

  • True experimentation equals risks and sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t; but you always learn

  • Nothing can stop a group of people determined to work together

  • And though humans are flawed, love is not


I have no doubt that LLC will continue to produce excellent work with integrity, transparency, and heart; as it has for over 18 years. I wish you all the best and may our paths cross again.


Rooted in this community,

Miriam Persley

Saudade: Definition: nostalgia, an ailment you enjoy