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Register for the Leadership Learning Community Bay Area and Boston Meetings on Leadership and Collective Impact

To celebrate the publication of the how-to series on leadership and collective impact (, we are convening Bay Area and Boston funders, practitioners and evaluators to focus learning on how to invest in, design, implement and assess leadership development processes that build relationships, catalyze networks, and benefit communities.


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Date: 11/27 from 11:00 - 1:00 pm Pacific Time

Location: The California Endowment

1111 Broadway 7th Floor, Oakland, CA 94607

Details: This is a brown bag lunch event


During this gathering we will engage you as we explore three provocative questions related to the three different guides:
1) What community results is (or might) your leadership work contribute to and how will you know if you have made a difference?
2) How do you (or might you) shift the focus of your recruitment from individuals to the composition of the cohort? 

3) What are you doing (or might you do) in the design of your leadership program to nurture an emerging network?    


We will not be doing a presentation; the session will be very interactive so we encourage you to read the Leadership and Collective Impact Report before attending. If you would like to share your work in small group discussions as a either a case study or in the spirit of a consultative session seeking advice about what it would look like to experiment with the ideas presented in Leadership and Collective Impact, please contact If you don't volunteer don't be surprised if we reach out to you.




Boston Details


Date: 12/07 from 9:00 - 12:00 pm Eastern Standard Time

Location: The Boston Foundation

75 Arlington Street  Boston, MA 02116

Details: This is a brown bag lunch event


We will explore the following questions:

  1. What are we learning about how to build social capital, expand civic engagement and empower communities?
  2. What investment strategies are we experimenting with? What community benefit is being catalyzed and sustained as a result?
  3.  How are we documenting and measuring the impact of these strategies?