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Leveraging Network Leadership within Organizations

The past two days with Within Our Lifetime have been incredible. I cannot describe how inspiring it is to be sitting in a room with over 50 people and organizations committed to living, breathing, creating social justice. The goal of the convening was to “elect” the next phase of leadership. Thus far, the network grew from the volunteered energy of an interim core leadership team. The amount of work and impact they’ve made to the field has been to bring implicit bias to the fore-front of the work and all in a short amount of time (4 years).
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10 Steps To Celebrate Failure Through Design Thinking

As the year comes to a close, I’ve been reflecting on my growth in the last year and what increases my own development. I believe that the way we as individuals and organizations do or don’t accept, appreciate, and even celebrate failures is highly linked to our growth. Errors, mistakes, and failures are all a part of life. However the way that we respond to these moments is what defines our development.

Some places believe that mistakes are a demarcation of irreparable failure. However, this is a misguided sense of what leadership is. Leadership is not perfection, but rather a process towards improving individuals, organizations, and communities. This process includes mistakes because these can be opportunities to learn, innovate, and grow.


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Reflections From The Field: On Detroit

Creating Space XII took place not so long ago and it was an opportunity to learn about what it means to develop non-traditional leadership. CSXII brought together a diverse group of leaders. Interestingly enough, so many present did not consider themselves leaders, they simply saw themselves doing the work.

One of the most impactful parts of Creating Space XII for me was going to the field to understand how art and culture was transforming communities. Right away from the moment we landed, Detroit did not feel like other locations. We were not close to downtown, and the large structures close to our hotel felt 

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Non-Traditional Approaches to Developing Non-Traditional Leadership | The Complete Series

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If you haven't already, we encourage you to read the "Non-Traditional Approaches to Developing Non-Traditional Leadership | The Complete Series." This series details modules that support non-traditional leaders.
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Creating Space A Labor Of Love

Creating Space is by far one of my most favorite LLC events. So as you can imagine, it’s getting harder to rein in the excitement with only a few weeks left to go.


As I reflect on why this event is one of my favorites, it  really starts with all of you. Creating Space is where we are able to connect face-to-face and deepen our connections. We  learn about your current work and how we are all influencing the leadership development field and together continue to expand our collective knowledge. These are three days of genuine connection building. I have fond memories of many deep conversations that I keep circling back to in the many phases of my own work. I’ve had expansive conversations on networks, leadership development, and equity. I’ve heard and shared stories of the challenges of balancing self-care and the urgency of community needs on the field.  I reflect back on what I learn from many of you in Baltimore, Oakland, and Detroit and am continuously sustained by the commitment and dedication all of you have to continue to transform our society.

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Exploring Non-Traditional Leadership with Jah'Shams Abdul-Mu'min

This Creating Space XII will focus around non-traditional leadership. Some of you have already started asking: what does that even mean? Personally, I assumed it was the antithesis of “traditional leader”, but what that actually means or more accurately, what that role looks like on a daily basis was still unclear to me.


Our CSXII partner, Lisa Leverette from Community Connections in Detroit, immediately invited Jah’Shams Abdul-Mu'min into this conversation. Jah’Shams brings years of experience in the leadership development field researching non-traditional leadership. Although he is based in South Central Los Angeles and works at the Los Angeles Trade Tech Community College, he has traveled the world researching cultures and their leadership models. I was fortunate enough to be able to talk more with Jah’Shams about his findings and to be able to share these with you. His answers to our burning questions are below.


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The Victims of Systemic Oppression

As a nation, we’ve witnessed major trauma throughout history. It should not be surprising that years of systemic oppression have not yet disappeared, after all, many see these aggressions daily. But nothing, nothing, could have prepared any of us for the horrifying news of the June 17th shooting in Charleston.  


Our hearts and thoughts are with the families of the victims of the Charleston massacre. We know that restorative healing is greatly needed in South Carolina and throughout the nation as we all witness the unfolding of events and that nothing could ever bring those nine souls back. This is a grisly reminder of how much work we in the social sector and the leadership development field still have to tackle; we have not yet worked ourselves out of a job.


We remember the victims of this racist act of terrorism; Ethel Lance, Tywanza Sanders, Cynthia Hurd, Reverend DePayne Middleton-Doctor, Reverend Clementa Pinckney, Susie Jackson, Myra Thompson, Reverend Daniel L. Simmons Sr., and Reverend Sharonda Singleton.
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Neighborhood Watch: Neighbors Fearing Neighbors, The Effects of Fear And Gentrification

This morning as I was driving to work, listening to National Public Radio’s Forum, I was struck by the divisiveness that emerged while talking about gentrification and San Francisco Supervisors’ vote on a housing moratorium. The podcast is available on their website, but the conversation reminded me of a similar conversation my neighborhood had around the same topic.

The discussion in my street began because my neighborhood in Oakland is seeing the secondary effects of waves of new residents coming into the neighborhood. These new residents, typically after looking for housing in San Francisco where the prices are insurmountable, are flocking to Oakland to remain close to “The City.” Long-time Oakland residents have been feeling the pressure of this housing demand through increases in rent, housing prices, and for some residents of color, clear racial microaggressions (for other examples see here).

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Demystifying LLC’s Webinar Series


The last two months have been a great time for LLC’s Webinar Series all due to having wonderful volunteers from our community who have stepped up and shared their knowledge with all of us. To keep this momentum going, we have been lining up more webinars in the coming weeks, more info on these soon. We have been reflecting on how we can demystify and decentralize the process so more webinars can continue to happen.

Ideally, we like to partner with individuals, organizations, movements, networks, partnerships, etc. that conceive, conduct, and evaluate leadership. To us, leadership is a process of collaboration and we uphold models that create social change through their work. Many programs do not realize that they have much to contribute to the field.

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Walking The Talk

As Americans continue to explore racial disparities, we are seeing an increase of conversations. This month alone, coffee-giant Starbucks wanted to jump into the conversation. Although the execution failed for many reasons (haphazard decision without enough preparation, failure to fund a strong execution, did not plan for their customers’ time constraints, and more[1])  the conversations continue every day.

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