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Weekly News Alert: 8/17/09 - 8/24/09

Submitted by: Natalia Castaneda on Aug 12th, 2009 at 11AM PDT

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On Leadership and Networks

  • A network is better understood as a community rather than as an organization; it is seen as “an environment of connectivity.”  IISC publishes a comprehensive definition and common characteristics of a network.
  • An essay by Bill Traynor discusses the value of networking .  He emphasizes that building networks are the most efficient and effective means of getting things done in the nonprofit and business worlds.  He also focuses on the role that leaders play within networks. 

On Community and Innovation

  • Community innovation is defined as “changes in a local system that generate dramatic, not just incremental, boosts in the system's performance.”  Innovation Network  for Communities works to boost this type of development. 

On Leadership Development...

  • A book, Quantum Leadership: The Power of Community in Motion , by Jennifer Milewski, speaks of the role and significant power of the community (as opposed to an individual) in leadership development.
  • The ‘Accelerator Expedition’ – “the leadership immersion experience geared to global change” -  will be held in Ecuador on October 16-26 in the Ecuadorian rainforest.  New methods and strategies related to leadership development will be shared and leaders will emerge with tools they can use to build relationships across sectors.

On Philanthropy...

  • Even in this tough economy (and maybe because of it) young people are inclined to "do good".  Young people who have just graduated from college, especially, are looking into public service jobs.  The downside is that many philanthropic organizations do not have the money to hire people.
  • The blog, Philanthropy 2153 proposes a 'Philanthropy Policy Project' in which suggestions would be made about how to improve philanthropy and what policies need to be maintained or changed.
  • Beth Kantor shares a list of “Foundations that Tweet” and includes her own commentary about what types of voices foundations are using to connect with their followers.

Network and Community
Date: August 11, 2009
Source: IISC Blog

Network Leadership
Author: Patty Anklam
Date: August 13, 2009
Source: Networks, Complexity, and Relatedness

Networking at a Grassroots Level
Author: Milad Yazdanpanah
Date: August 14, 2009
Source: Netwits Think Tank

A Framework for Place-Based (Community) Innovation
Date: August 17, 2009
Source: Nupolis
Observations for a Student Leadership Summit
Author: Elizabeth Haas Edersheim
Date: August 17, 2009
Source: Harvard Business Publishing

Quantum Leadership: The Power of Community in Motion
Author: Jennifer Milewski
Publishing Date: 2006-01-01
Source: Issuelab

Accelerator Expedition Fact Sheet
Source: Interaction Associates


Get Paid to be a Good-Doer
Author: Susan Adams
Date: August 13, 2009


Philanthropy Policy Project
Author: Lucy Bernholz
Date: August 17, 2009
Source: Philanthropy 2153

Foundations That Tweet: Profile Patterns
Author: Beth Kantor
Date: August 17, 2009
Source: Beth’s Blog