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Leadership and Network Bay Area Meeting January 2011

Earlier this week we co-hosted a conversation on Leadership and Networks with the Monitor Institute.  We were excited by the interest and energy that all the participants expressed and look forward to continuing the conversation.  Some of the ideas that emerged during the discussion include:

  • Systems thinking is about identifying / characterizing elements of networks and how they work; meanwhile, connections within our networks are mostly about human relationships. Thus far, however, few have tied those two together. A cornerstone book on organizational learning buried in systems is the 5th Discipline.
  • There need to be creative ways of acknowledging contributions of people in the network, to make the boundaries between paid / unpaid much more tangible.
  • The next iteration of this convening should include examples of organizations that are operating using a network centric model and making choices around leadership.
  • Hopefully, the pendulum doesn’t swing and organizations are able to operate under many different forms of leadership and to entertain multiple frameworks of leadership.
  • Just as there are multiple points of entry, it is also important to recognize the importance of multiple points of graceful exit for network members.

We encourage you to check out the notes and join the conversation!  Also, check out this interesting blog post by Pia Infante, one of the participants of the event.