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ILA Conference: Network Approaches to Leadership: Scaling the Impact of Social Change Work

The Leadership Learning Community and World Café Europe have partnered to present this preconference experiential workshop at the upcoming International Leadership Association conference.  Here are the details:
When: Wednesday, 26 October; 09:00 - 13:00
More information: ILA conference website

The pressing issues of our time such as environmental challenges, intercultural issues and emerging social challenges (to name just a few) require effective leadership that can solve intractable problems and produce sustainable change. This session will focus on what can happen when we bring a network approach to leadership in communities, countries and regions worldwide.

World Café Europe and the Leadership Learning Community will host a dialogue to explore how more inclusive, networked and collective leadership approaches that can unleash transformational change. This dialogue will draw on findings from a collaborative research initiative of innovative thinkers and practitioners. Together we will reflect on the changes that will enable us to magnify the impact of our leadership work and identify the obstacles to making this change. In addition, we will explore specific steps to support leadership development approaches which foster breakthrough ideas and collective action on social purpose issues.


We can increase the impact of leadership on the critical issues of our time! A new body of leadership research has emerged which is challenging our understanding of the individual’s role in the change process. In order to address the world’s complex problems, a new leadership mindset needs to be adopted. This mindset fosters leadership processes which support organizations, communities and networks to take collective action for the public benefit.

Participants will:

  • Be introduced to the newest research and case study results about the impact of network strategies on non-profit leadership.
  • Gain insights about network leadership as a process to scale social change.
  • Build connections among leadership researchers, educators and practitioners who are interested in network strategies.
  • Explore next steps for fostering a network approach in the non-profit, leadership development and research sectors.

This session will use the Pecha Kucha presentation format for the presentation of research results and case studies. This will provide the basis for the participants to engage in a participatory dialogue designed in the World Café format.