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Creating Space X | 2013 Survey Findings


Thanks to all the Creating Space participants who completed the evaluation survey last month.  Over the last few weeks, we have been working to review and analyze your responses, and we wanted to share some of the key insights we learned – please check out the slides!


Here are some of the observations:

  • Participants mostly valued the opportunity to connect with others who can be resources for their work (70%), learning new tools and ideas (62%), and having the opportunity to recharge and reflect (59%).
  • Participants took back to their work ideas and tools around collective leadership, and also about some meeting design elements from the meeting itself (i.e. open space).
  • The most effective elements of the meeting design included the mix of participants (85%), the space/location (80%), Milano’s facilitation (72%), and the use of a mixed team of facilitators (72%).  The design challenge was also mentioned as an interesting approach/tool.
  • In terms of next steps, participants indicated that they are mostly likely to visit the LLC site (80%), participate in an LLC webinar (77%), participate in learning circles (72%), register for the newsletter (62%), and attend future Creating Space meetings (60%).
  • Participants mentioned some key areas of improvement, including: more one-on-one conversations, more tangible tools, better welcome new participants, make sure meeting description matches the content, and having a better strategy to discuss equity.