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Emerging Leaders and Social Impact

Leadership as a Process

We recently had the opportunity to present at the Funders Network on Population Reproductive Health & Rights meeting in San Diego, CA as part of the Global Youth Leadership and Engagement Work group session. We really valued the opportunity to present to that group because we recognized that there was a strong alignment between our work. At LLC, we are working to promote a metashift in the way that we think about leadership (more inclusive, networked, and collective) to make greater impact on complex challenges. We believe that this change will help support how emerging leaders and innovators are realizing their potential, and creating openness for their work and contributions. During the presentation, we talked about what leadership as a process looks like, and how emerging leaders are working to advance social impact: focusing on collaboration, establishing partnerships, taking risks, and challenging traditional hierarchical structures. We also discussed how leadership development can support emerging leaders in the work, by providing skills, connections and visibility. 

In the next couple of months, we will continue to explore this topic and host a webinar to share these ideas with our community.