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Leadership for a New Era


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In 2008 LLC made a radical decision not to hold Creating Space (CS).  Each year LLC convenes CS so that people involved in leadership development can take a step back to restore and think about their work in new ways.  LLC took a pause from CS to create more reflective time for tough questions: are we making a difference, are the leadership development approaches of the past 10 years relevant in a changing technological and political landscape?  Essentially, do we need to rethink the ways in which we conceptualize and support leadership?


There are no easy answers to these questions.  It has become clear that we have not kept pace with a rapidly changing environment where leadership will be mobilized across networks. Dominant ideas about what leadership looks like are not inclusive of the diversity of this country.  The individualism embedded in US culture may obscure our ability to see and cultivate leadership as a collective process.  To tackle these complex questions, LLC and a number of partners have launched a collaborative learning initiative called “Leadership for a New Era” or LNE.  We invite you to visit the LNE collaborative workspace to get more information and see how you can be a part of this initiative.


Stay tuned – we will continue to post updates of our progress on the LLC website.  If you have immediate questions, please contact us.