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Themes in Leadership Development

Leadership is a very ambiguous word in itself and subject to different interpretations. Therefore, it is understandable that when it comes to the methods in which people implement programs to help develop leadership, the approaches vary widely. In the past few weeks I have been looking at non-profit leadership development organizations, I have noticed that most are directed towards youth, women, or minorities. All are understandable target populations, as they are usually considered to be under served. A great majority implement some form of workshop learning into their program to teach the skills they value, such as public speaking, decision making, entrepreneurship, and the like. Usually this is backed by some form of experiential learning where the participants take their skills into the real world and make a visible impact, whether it is through implementing their own project or community service.

Looking at the general norm in which leadership is taught makes me wonder whether or not it is the best way, or if there even is a “best” way. How can you even measure success in leadership programs in order to know what’s effective? It was going through this train of thought that made me realize the reason why Leadership Learning Community exists, to address these questions. read more »

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