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An Excited Welcome to Eleanor and Tiffany -- Two New Members of Our Team

Submitted by: Zoe Madden-Wood on Mar 29th, 2012 at 1PM PDT

If you call into Leadership Learning Community this month, you may very well hear two new voices on the line. We're excited to welcome our new staff members: Eleanor and Tiffany. Both of them are working part-time to manage the office, as fits their schedule over the next few months.

Eleanor will be joining us in the mornings. She will be in charge of much of our office management and work with contracts in communication with our fiscal partner Tides. Luckily for us, she is a morning person and will keep things running smoothly while the rest of us are undercaffeinated. She has already been a "part" of our office for quite some time, as she works for Restorative Justice for Oakland Youth in the afternoon, the awesome organization that shares our open office space.


When asked about working for LLC, Eleanor said, "I have long admired the LLC team from my desk next door- and now I am overjoyed to be a part of it. Each morning I look up at the LLC Mission and Values and think 'Hey- Right On!' This is definitely a community I am proud to support."
Tiffany has already been whipping our office into shape, and next she has her sights set on Deborah and her calendar. She'll be working with scheduling, organization and general inquiries. Previously she worked as an administrative assistant for a private practice in Lafayette for 6 years. Tiffany will be with us until May, when her darling baby girl is set to be born. Her daughter's name will be "Zoey", and I cannot personally think of a better name than that!

Tiffany said, "I'm excited for the new experience and the new opportunity for growth. I'm excited to be part of LLC!"

They are both working to replace Bella's position as office manager. Deep down, we always knew it would take two people to replace Bella. We are all looking forward to working with them. Their excitement and new perspectives have already made them invaluable and we are grateful for their help in this transitioning process.

Eleanor can be reached at and Tiffany can be reached at