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Calling All Consultants!

A good number of you who participate in the Leadership Learning Community are consultants who work in the leadership development field doing  evaluation, curriculum development, curriculum delivery, research, etc.  As you know, in the last couple of years LLC has come to value our consulting opportunities as an important applied research arm of our work.

Through many of our consulting jobs we get to help the field implement or test many of the ideas that we are promoting through our research.  In this spirit we have invested more heavily in this important work and we our growing a robust consulting services program.  We see this is an opportunity to partner with many of you and bring together consultants who may not have many opportunities to work collaboratively into teams where we can learn more quickly together and reap the benefit of many perspectives. 

We would like to grow our consulting pool of individuals and organizations who would be interested in working on LLC consulting projects.  We conduct evaluations, scans of leadership in different geographies or in fields of practice, we do social network analysis and help design participant-driven peer learning meetings.  We find ourselves looking for people who have evaluation experience, who can conduct and synthesize interviews, who can design survey tools, who can conduct online research, who have good writing and analytical skills, who can do social network mapping, and who have good facilitation skills. 

We are looking for people with different levels of experience, senior, mid-level and junior researchers.  We like training and providing experience to junior researchers.  If you are interested please send your resume to, describe your skills and experience, and let us know what kinds of projects you would be interested in working on and your current rates.  We look forward to hearing from you and adding you to our consulting pool candidates.