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An Excited Welcome to Eleanor and Tiffany -- Two New Members of Our Team

If you call into Leadership Learning Community this month, you may very well hear two new voices on the line. We're excited to welcome our new staff members: Eleanor and Tiffany. Both of them are working part-time to manage the office, as fits their schedule over the next few months.

Eleanor will be joining us in the mornings. She will be in charge of much of our office management and work with contracts in communication with our fiscal partner Tides. Luckily for us, she is a morning person and will keep things running smoothly while the rest of us are undercaffeinated. She has already been a "part" of our office for quite some time, as she works for Restorative Justice for Oakland Youth in the afternoon, the awesome organization that shares our open office space.


When asked about working for LLC, Eleanor said, "I have long admired the LLC team from my desk next door- and now I am overjoyed to be a part of it. Each morning I look up at the LLC Mission and Values and think 'Hey- Right On!' This is definitely a community I am proud to support." read more »

Nonprofit Leadership News Briefs: Peeragogy, ReCoding for Good and Collective Impact

On Collective Impact... read more »

  • In their first article on collective impact (Hanleybrown, Kania, and Kramer), the difference between collective impact vs individual impact was clear -- collective impact made big gains. The article was so persuasive that more and more the collective approach has been used. Now in the follow-up, these authors talk more in depth about how to begin a collective initiative, how to create alignment, and how to sustain the initiative. 
  • Beth Kanter talks about the concept of "peeragogy" -- where peers are learning from one another. Beth describes the origin of the concept and word as stemming from Howard Rheingold's Social Media Classroom. One of his students created a detailed literature review on peer learning and robust peer learning networks.

Nonprofit Leadership News Brief: January 2012

On Collective Leadership... read more »

  • Curtis Ogden highlights four key concepts underlying the roots of the Interaction Institute's approach to collective leadership: epistemology, cosmology, ontology, technology.  Epistemology is that it’s not just about what we know, but how we know it – intuitively, intellectually, analytically. Cosmology is looking to the complex living systems and networks as the complicated reality we all live in. Ontology is the idea that each of us is evolving and capable of both learning and unlearning. Finally, technology/methodology is the idea of looking to the practices that create the best conditions for collective leadership. 
  • Stowe Boyd discusses concepts from a Sara Horowitz’s talk on mutualism and creates a “mutualist manifesto”.  At the heart of the manifesto is finding common cause and growing mutual associations locally and globally, associations such as coops, unions, and policy organizations. Boyd thinks that associations supporting one another, governance by members, seeking benefits not profits, and cooperating in resource allocation will all make great headway towards directing change in a systemically chaotic world.

LLC Survey: Help Us Understand How to Support Your Leadership Work


It's the New Year and we want to learn more about our community!

First, thank you for being an integral part of the LLC network. Together, we work to leverage leadership as a means to create a more just and equitable society. We are committed to transforming the leadership development field, and to understanding how leadership is practiced and evaluated in the nonprofit sector and beyond.

Over the past two years, our membership community has grown significantly to over 2,500 members across the nation, comprising a broad network of funders, practitioners, researchers and consultants. You are part of this network, and your feedback is important. We hope that you will take this short survey of approximately 7-10 minutes. We want to learn from everyone who has interacted with LLC - event participants, blog readers, long-time advocates, etc. Survey responses will help us better serve our community and mission in both efficient and innovative ways.

By completing the survey, you will participate in a raffle to win one of 5 Amazon gift cards for $25 (if you do not want to participate in the raffle, please indicate your preference at the end of the survey). Please complete the survey by February 6, 2012. If you have any questions please contact us. read more »

Nonprofit Leadership News Brief: October 25, 2011

On Civic Engagement... read more »

  • Volunteering and high levels of civic engagement have helped certain communities weather unemployment with greater ease. The National Conference on Citizenship has created a report based off of U.S. Census Bureau and the Department of Labor Statistics. Working with neighbors in one’s community resulted in a decrease of .256% unemployment. The report calls on community and business leaders to foster a local discussion in their community on civic engagement.
  • This follows a new study where social change was found to be a priority for Americans. Walden University and Harris Interactive conducted a survey of 2,100 people and found that 85% believe that their individual actions can effect social change and more than 50% plan to engage in creating social change in the future.

Nonprofit Leadership News Brief: Week of September 26th

On the Future of Philanthropy...

  • The Stanford Social Innovation Review has an article talking about the changing face of philanthropy. The new generation of philanthropist are young, skilled and tech-savvy individuals. They desire to share their fortune in the same focused manner they have acquired it, by using their knowledge and skills to work on their passions. As larger foundations have been scaling back their contributions, these smaller mid-sized foundations have been increasing both their donation size and number of donations. With online giving associations such as Kiva popping up, perhaps the next wave will include donor-matching organizations that will match foundations with nonprofits as easily as Flixster makes movie recommendations.
  • Information is becoming more and more key in the modern era. Foundations are finding they can further their goals of philanthropy through information distribution, but with the sunset of traditional media sources such as newspapers, that task is somewhat complicated. The CT Mirror and the New Haven Independent are part of a new trend and a new experiment. Both are funded by organizations instead of being profit based and both have hired social media strategists to increase their engagement online. 

  read more »

News Brief: Week of July 25th

On Transparency...

  • The Packard Foundation talks again on their "glass filing cabinet" transparency and what they have learned from it. One important lesson is that creating useful transparency encouraging people to comment and collaborate on provided data involves properly sorting and preparing the data so it can be presented in an easily accessible format. Simply viewing unsorted information can be like drinking from a fire hose.

  read more »

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