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Talking about Liberation and Equity



Talking about Liberation and Equity

by Deborah Meehan


One of my favorites parts of Creating Space Oakland, and there were many, was the Catalyst Conversation with Asia Alman from ACLU Northern California, Liz Derias-Tyehimba from CompassPoint, and Jamina Ovbude from The Greenlining Institute.  The conversation was facilitated by Patrick Brown of The Greenlining Institute. He kicked off with a juicy question that has had me thinking ever since, “What is the difference between equity and liberation?” In the words of our first catalyst, Liz, “Equity is about redistribution that is proportional to those most impacted by harmful systems to make sure they get more. Equity is about staying in the system and liberation is about dismantling the system and moving into a space that is really unclear, and it will require that those who have been able to control the system will no longer be in that role.”

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LLC Webinar Series | Lessons in Leadership from the Trust-Based Philanthropy Project

LLC WEBINAR | Lessons in Leadership from the Trust-Based Philanthropy Project


March 4, 2020 | 9:30 - 11:00 PST / 12:30 - 2:00 EST


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LLC Self-Paced Webinar Series | Leadership and Shifting Power: 9 Lessons from 2019



LLC Self-Paced Webinar | Leadership and Shifting Power: 9 Lessons from 2019


Presented by Ericka Stallings

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Coming Soon: Creating Space Conversations - Bay Area!

Creating Space Bay Area


Leadership 2020: Shifting Power for Justice




Date:  January 23, 2020

Time:  12:00 - 5:00 PST  (followed by Happy Hour)

Location:  Greenlining Institute @ 360 14th St, Oakland 

Cost:  Sliding Scale Registration Fee

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Ushering in a New Decade: Leadership 2020 | Shifting Power for Justice


Happy New Year, and heartfelt wishes for a transformative year. The start of a New Year, in this case a new decade, is cause for reflection, reckoning, and resolution. It is hard to settle on the appropriate adjectives for what we have seen these past four years, and the harm and injustices inflicted. In an environment that can foster powerlessness and despair, it’s the work of leadership to change the narrative and build power...think of ‘yes we can’ with teeth and muscle. We want to highlight five power shifting strategies we tried in 2019 and our plans for 2020! 

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Takeaways from Creating Space Conversations 2019 - New York (Part 2)



The New York Creating Space event was filled with reflection, as well as focused attention on practical application. LLC and the Association for Neighborhood and Housing Development were happy to host such a thoughtful and rejuvenating conversation. Together we concentrated on three key ways to structure our work to shift power for justice, and then workshopped concrete practices to help us achieve this goal.  (Click here for Part I of this event recap)

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LLC Self-Paced Webinar Series | Leadership and Shifting Power: Reflections on the Role of Labor


LLC Self-Paced Webinar | Leadership and Shifting Power: Reflections on the Role of Labor


Presented by Deborah Meehan and Ericka Stallings

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Lessons in Leadership from the Social Justice Labor Movement


Last month I connected with an old friend, Kent Wong, Director of the UCLA Labor Center. It was a total shot in the arm to hear him talk about the labor movement in Los Angeles taking up social justice under the new leadership of people of color, women and immigrants (and we definitely need to celebrate all good news in the current political environment). As I listened to Kent talk about Janitors for Justice and car wash workers organizing in L.A.. it occured to me that he would be the perfect catalyst for our virtual Creating Space Session. We were able to record his short presentation here, so if you happened to miss it, you can still listen. Here are a few of the highlights for me:


  • Who leads is important

  • We need intentional strategies to support leadership (rank and file workers/community)

  • We need to support people in context to build power

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Takeaways from Creating Space Conversations 2019 - New York (Part 1)




Even folks, or perhaps especially folks, who live in a city that never sleeps need time to stop and reflect. On November 21st, the New York Creating Space, an energizing and inspiring event offered participants exactly that. For me, it was also a bit of a personal homecoming as I got to partner with my former colleagues at the Association for Neighborhood and Housing Development’s Center for Community Leadership and be in community with people I’ve known for many years, while also connecting with new folks. 


This year we’ve developed a different model for Creating Space. Instead of one large event, we are hosting several smaller and more intimate events. So far, in addition to the New York conversation, we held an event in Detroit, as well as a virtual convening and will be hosting the final regional gathering in the Bay Area in January.  


Creating Space New York, like the Detroit convening, had a very distinct vibe. New York has a reputation for being a tough place, populated by people armed with sharp elbows and sharper tongues. While the participants at Creating Space New York demonstrated sharp intellect, they also showed gentle spirits, with thoughtful comments and compassionate approaches to differences of opinion. There was a spirit of openness and an eagerness to hear from others that was rejuvenating. 

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Reflections on Creating Space Detroit 2019




Laughter? Check. Tears? Check. Passion, connections and follow up? Check, check, check! Detroit Creating Space had it all.


Detroit was an amazing place to kick off LLC’s Creating Space 2019 regional conversations. On October 30th, in partnership with Community Connections, we were able to put on an event that pushed the edges of our equity in leadership thinking.


This year we are approaching Creating Space differently. Rather than having a single national event, we are holding three regional conversations in Detroit, New York City, and the Bay Area, CA. The goal is to share learning from each event so that there is a cumulative impact that culminates in our national convening in 2020, which is also LLC’s 20th Anniversary. 

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