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Currently, the New York metro area learning circle identifies itself as more of a loose network of approximately fifty people interested in leadership programs for many different reasons than a learning circle that is working on a single project.

Meetings are typically organized by a planning committee whose membership changes with each new meeting. The planning committee for the next meeting is being chaired by Iris Morales, Fund for the City of New York. At the next meeting, the group will be exploring several alumni issues in greater depth, following up on an earlier theme.


The group met on January 24, 2002 to discuss building and sustaining alumni networks. The planning committee for this meeting, chaired by Luis Alvarea (LA & Associates), included Marion Krauskopf (Ford Foundation), Alvin Starks (Open Society Institute); Surita Sandosham (Rockefeller Foundation), Arva Rice, (Public Allies).

The New York Metro Area Learning Circle hosted its first luncheon on July 27, 2001. Twenty-two leadership funders, program directors and scholars explored their interest in collaboration and collective learning.

Evaluation Tools for Racial Equity - web site External website [view] [more info]

Created for Community Groups and Individuals: 1) Who want to know more about how to do evaluation. 2) Who are working on changing their communities. 3) Who want to be certain that their evaluations take into account issues of racism, power, privilege, and oppression in: a) Ways they organize and carry out evaluation, b) Kinds of questions they ask and outcomes they measure, c) Thinking about and using results, and d) At every step along the way.

Authors: Sally Leiderman

Subjects: race, evaluation, equity, caas, bridge leadership, boundary-crossing leadership

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A Dialogue with Bridge Leaders PDF file [download] [more info]

The LLC convened a gathering of 15 recognized Bridge Leaders in Los Angeles. The LLC was asked to host this discussion by 5 California foundations responding to a request from the community in the aftermath of the LA riots. Participants were asked how to cultivate and support bridge leaders.

Authors: Leadership Learning Community, Deborah Meehan

Subjects: losangeles, leadership, corecompetencies, california, bridge leadership, boundary-crossing leadership

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