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Name: Rebecca Aced-Molina
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Leadership Development

Background in leadership development (Education and/or Experience):
I have a Master's degree in International Organization and Leadership from the University of San Francisco. I have developed and published parent leadership development curricula for the Parents Leadership Action Network and the East Bay Asian Youth Center, both based in Oakland CA. I founded my own consulting practice in 2000 specializing in community based research, evaluation, training and educational design and have consulted numerous public service organizations dedicated to improving outcomes through leadership development models for children, youth, and families both domestically and internationally.
Current leadership development work (Roles and/or Positions):
Currently, I am serving as a Coach and Facilitator for a Board of Directors transition for the East Bay Asian Youth Center/EBAYC. As a recipient of the Haas Jr. Flexible Leadership Award, EBAYC is building the leadership capacity of a 2/3 majority grassroots parents and youth Board of Directors. I am currently also providing consulting services in evaluation to LeaderSpring, and in partnership with LLC, the CA Endowment Boundaries Crossing Leadership Initiative.
What do you hope to gain from and contribute to the learning community:
By participating in the learning community, I hope to gain awareness of research, promising practices, and innovative thinking related to leadership development, meet people with whom I might collaborate or who could benefit from my services, and share and test my own research, thinking, questions, challenges and triumphs related to leadership development.
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Current Questions about Leadership & Leadership Development:

What is the relationship between child development, particularly early brain development, and adult moral reasoning that would lead to actions fostering the common good?

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"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has." Margaret Mead

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