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Name: Claire Reinelt
City: Lexington
State: MA
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Boston Area
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Leadership in Action: An Evidenced Based Practice Approach to Leadership Development6/16/2011
Further Reflections on Evidence-Based Practice and Leadership Development: Developing Hypotheses and Case Examples10/12/2010
A Scan of Health Leadership Programs for the Youth, Immigrant and Senior Communities in California9/27/2009
Developing a Racial Justice and Leadership Framework to Promote Racial Equity, Address Structural Racism, and Heal Racial and Ethnic Divisions in Communities 8/11/2009
Cultivating Leadership Through Social Change Initiatives: Broadening Our View and Support of Nonprofit Leaders7/21/2009
Beahrs ELP Framework for Inquiry10/22/2007
Beahrs Environmental Leadership Program EvaluLEAD Results Map10/22/2007
Evaluating the Emergence of Leadership Within Networks and Communities of Practice9/22/2007
Engaging New Leadership Voices6/27/2007
Creating Space V Evaluation Sessions: Evaluating Social and Systemic Change Strategies6/27/2007