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Dr. Louis D. Cox

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Name: Dr. Louis D. Cox
City: New York
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Leadership Development

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Louis D. Cox, Ph.D. 58 East 79th Street New York, NY 10075 212-717-6997 Dr. Louis D. Cox is a Management Consultant and a licensed Clinical Psychologist who has been practicing for forty years. His areas of expertise include the following: High Performance Team Development Dr. Cox has consulted to different types of teams, such as executive teams, management teams, musical bands, and community organizing teams around developing and maintaining high performance strategies. He has developed simple but transforming team communication formats for teams which allow them to keep a strong connection to the team's collective skills, intelligence, and creativity and to circumvent the barriers to maintaining authentic team communication. This results in sustained high performance. Clients have included The Disney Corporation, AT&T, American Airlines, Sony Corporation, International Creative Management, Big Foote, as well as numerous successful rock and roll bands, including Aerosmith, REM, and BonJovi. He is a consultant member of the Society for Organizational Learning. Alcoholism and Addiction Dr. Cox is an expert in the area of alcoholism and addictions. He is experienced in the technique known as “intervention” which is designed to enable a family group or business colleagues to deal effectively with the insidious