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Jennifer Bradley

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Name: Jennifer Bradley
City: Dallas
State: TX
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Leadership Development

Background in leadership development (Education and/or Experience):
I am currently doing a study of leadership development with a focus on intercultural dimensions of leadership.
What do you hope to gain from and contribute to the learning community:
I am hoping to make contact with others in the field and broaden my perspectives through learning more about what is going on in the community. I will be happy to share my research as it develops. I'm just starting.
Personal areas of interest or expertise:
intercultural training
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Other Interests:
Current Questions about Leadership & Leadership Development:

What does leadership mean to whom? How do we develop a leadership identity in multiple cultural contexts?

Favorite Quotes:

"Ambiguity is the warp of life not something to be eliminated." [In Improvisation in a Persian Garden (Peripheral Visions, 1994), p 9

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