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Name: Natalia Castaneda
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Leadership Development

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I joined the LLC team in 2009 as the Marketing and Communications Director. I have really enjoyed working with the team and other partners in our recently launched collaborative research initiative - Leadership for a New Era. Through this initiative we seek to promote leadership approaches that are more inclusive, networked and collective. For more information visit I am interested in learning more about how we can leverage advances in network theory and practice to optimize our leadership efforts.
What do you hope to gain from and contribute to the learning community:
Connect with others in the leadership development field, share resources and information.
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SF Bay
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Social Media and Leadership

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Knowledge Pool Documents Submitted:

TitleDate SubmittedSubject/Tags
Leadership Development in the Social Sector: A Framework for Supporting Strategic Investments6/1/2011
Leadership Development Investment Framework1/19/2011
The Role of Leadership in Place Based Strategies1/7/2011
Structural Racism and Leadership1/6/2011
Learning-Circle Partnerships and the Evaluation of a Boundary-Crossing Leadership Initiative in Health10/4/2010
How to Develop and Support Leadership that Contributes to Racial Justice9/8/2010
Applying Evidence Based Practice Approaches to Leadership Development8/16/2010
Leadership and Race Synthesis (DRAFT)5/10/2010
A New Leadership Mindset for Scaling Social Change5/10/2010
Leadership for a New Era: Leadership and Networks Synthesis DRAFT2/12/2010
Leadership for a New Era: Leadership and Race Synthesis DRAFT2/12/2010
Learning from the Past and Future: Leadership for a New Era2/4/2010
Working Wikily 2.02/4/2010
Platforms for Collaboration2/4/2010
A Dance tha Creates Equals2/4/2010
Co-leadership Framework2/4/2010
The DAC Framework of Leadership2/4/2010
Don’t bother putting leadership into people2/4/2010
We the Leaders: In Order to Form a Leaderful Organization2/4/2010
Does Action Learning Promote Collaborative Leadership?2/4/2010
Elements of Collective Leadership2/4/2010
Developing Collective Leadership: Partnering in Multi-stakeholder Contexts2/4/2010
Leadership (Re)Constructed: How Lens Matters 2/4/2010
Power Analysis: Types and Sources of Power2/4/2010
Leadership Styles2/4/2010
Shared Leadership-inspired "Learning Opportunity Plan"2/4/2010
DataCenter Shared Leadership Model2/4/2010
Some Zapatista Principles & Practices2/4/2010
DataCenter: Sharing Leadership in Our Organizations2/4/2010
Catalytic Change: Lessons Learned from the Racial Justice Grantmaking Assessment2/4/2010
Holding the Whole: Transformative Leadership2/4/2010
Direction, Alignment, Commitment: Toward a More Integrative Ontology of Leadership2/4/2010
Vertigo and the Intentional Inhabitant: Leadership in a Connected World2/4/2010
Convergence: How Five Trends will Reshape the Social Sector2/4/2010
Making Partnership a Habit2/4/2010
About LLC12/3/2009
LLC Consulting Services12/2/2009
Consulting test11/13/2009
A question of leadership: What are the key challenges that for-profit and nonprofit organizations face in evaluating leadership development?8/21/2009
The Results of an Evaluation Scan of 55 Leadership Development Programs8/21/2009
Social Network Analysis and the Evaluation of Leadership Networks6/15/2009
LLC Alumni Network Development Services4/15/2008
LLC General Network Development Services4/15/2008