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Name: Tricia Browne-Ferrigno
City: Lexington
State: KY
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Leadership Development

Background in leadership development (Education and/or Experience):
Directed yearlong multi-partner project to develop broad-based leadership teams in rural high schools, supported through funds from the US Department of Education Improving Teacher Quality State Grant Program. Directed multi-year leadership development program for administrator-credentialed practitioners in Pike County Schools, supported by the US Department of Education School Leadership Development Program and featured in Innovative Pathways to School Leadership ( Browne-Ferrigno, T., & Allen, L. W. (2006, February 10). Preparing principals for high-need rural schools: A central office perspective about collaborative efforts to transform school leadership. Journal of Research in Rural Education, 21(1). Retrieved February 12, 2006 from Browne-Ferrigno, T., & Muth, R. (2006). Leadership mentoring and situated learning: Catalysts in principalship readiness and lifelong mentoring. Mentoring & Tutoring: Partnership in Learning, 14(3), 275-295. Browne-Ferrigno, T., & Fusarelli, B. C. (2005). The Kentucky principalship: Model of school leadership reconfigured by ISLLC Standards and reform policy implementation. Leadership and Policy in Schools, 4(2), 127-156. Browne-Ferrigno, T. (2004). Principals Excellence Program: Developing effective school leaders through unique university-district partnership. Education Leadership Review, 5(2), 24-36. Browne-Ferrigno, T., & Muth, R. (2004). Leadership mentoring in clinical practice: Role socialization, professional development, and capacity building. Educational Administration Quarterly, 40(4), 468-494. Browne-Ferrigno, T., & Muth, R. (2004). On being a cohort leader: Curriculum integration, program coherence, and shared responsibility. Educational Leadership and Administration: Teaching and Program Development, 16, 77-95. Browne-Ferrigno, T., & Shoho, A. (2004). Careful selection of aspiring principals: An exploratory analysis of leadership preparation program admission practices. In C. S. Carr & C. L. Fulmer (Eds.), Educational leadership: Knowing the way, showing the way, going the way (pp. 172-189). Twelfth Annual Yearbook of the National Council of Professors of Educational Administration. Lanham, MD: ScarecrowEducation. Browne-Ferrigno, T. (2003). Becoming a principal: Role conception, initial socialization, role-identity transformation, purposeful engagement. Educational Administration Quarterly, 39(4), 468-503. Browne-Ferrigno, T., & Muth, R. (2003). Effects of cohorts on learners. Journal of School Leadership, 13(6), 621-643.
Current leadership development work (Roles and/or Positions):
Associate Professor, Educational Leadership Studies, University of Kentucky Chair, AERA Learning and Teaching in Educational Leadership SIG (2007-2001) Member, UCEA/LTEL-SIG Taskforce Taskforce on Evaluating Educational Leadership Preparation (2001-Present) Chair, AERA Leadership for School Improvement SIG (2006-2008) Domain Facilitator, Joint Research Taskforce on Educational Leadership Preparation (2004-Present)
What do you hope to gain from and contribute to the learning community:
Learn what others are doing to improve leadership development and assess outcomes, meet others who share my passion for improving public education through effective school and district leadership, and share what I am learning and receive critical feedback about my interpretations of what I am learning.
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