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Developing a Racial Justice and Leadership Framework to Promote Racial Equity, Address Structural Racism, and Heal Racial and Ethnic Divisions in Communities

Client: The W.K. Kellogg Foundation, The Center for Ethical Leadership
Author: Elissa Perry, Deborah Meehan, Claire Reinelt
Subject: racial justice
Type of Service: Scan
Date of Publication: 07/15/2009

In this scan we identify and analyze key success factors of programs that are enhancing leadership capacity to work across differences, take collective action, and address the systems that perpetuate racial inequities in communities.

More specifically, we explore ways in which the leadership paradigm is shifting. The heroic paradigm of leadership that privileges white, male, individual leadership is being questioned and challenged from many directions, and in many communities and organizations. The current state of the economy, the rise of social technology, and the election of a new president have expanded the potential for making breakthrough changes in leadership that is more inclusive, networked, collective and participatory. This shift will significantly increase the capacity to bring about positive changes in life outcomes for children, families, and communities of color.

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