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The Leadership Learning Community is partnering with Habitat for Humanity International to conduct an impact study of the Learn and Build Experience (LBE).  Since its inception 17 years ago, LBE has provided over 1,000 students from 16-18 years old with an opportunity to develop leadership skills, learn about housing issues, experience cultural and racial diversity, and work together with families to eliminate poverty housing and homelessness.  The goal of the program is to support students to grow up to become lifelong advocates and volunteers for simple, decent, and affordable housing.  During the study, we will engage the staff; and current and former volunteers to learn about pathways to service and leadership; and the impact of the Learn and Build Experience on their lives.  Learning from the impact study will help inform the future design of the LBE, and increase the capacity of HFH to more fully reach and influence students in their late teens.