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Kellogg Fellows Leadership Alliance Social Network Analysis Project

Client: W. K. Kellogg Foundation
Author: Deborah Meehan (LLC)
Subject: social network analysis, alumni
Type of Service: Social Network Analysis
Date of Publication: 07/15/2011

The W. K. Kellogg Foundation has made a significant investment in leadership over the past 25 years supporting 10 unique leadership development programs. In 2002, the Kellogg Fellows Leadership Alliance (KFLA) was initiated to leverage connections among the 1,200 graduates of these programs.  The Leadership Learning Community is partnering with KFLA to expand the impact of its alumni network on critical social issues. The project will focus on supporting the team with an assessment, training, tools, maps of the KFLA network, and coaching that will enable KFLA to utilize network data, social technologies, and network weaving to more effectively grow the network’s ability to share information, coordinate activities, accelerate learning and mobilize at a new level of scale around critical issues.  

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