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Rockwood Leadership Institute Evaluation

Client: Rockwood Leadership Institute
Author: Deborah Meehan, Claire Reinelt
Subject: evaluation
Type of Service: Evaluation
Date of Publication: 04/16/2012

The Leadership Learning Community is partnering with Rockwood Leadership Institute to assess the value and impact of its fellowship model for supporting leadership development and partnership building in fields of action (e.g., human rights and national security reform, and LGBTQ advocacy). The assessment will  identify key success elements of the model, surface challenges, compare delivery strategies and impact across multiple contexts, and make recommendations to strengthen the overall model.


Final Report:

In 2012, six years after launching the first fellowship, we imagined it was time to evaluate the model.  Rockwood Leadership Institute‚Äôs Fellowship Model was developed in 2006 in partnership with the Ford Foundation, with the first program focusing in the media policy sector.

The Fellowship Model was designed to address challenges to collaboration, like competition over resources and struggles over different strategies, by convening key leaders within a sector, increasing their leadership skillfulness, and encouraging more connection among these leaders, with the vision of having a expanded, collective impact. Over the last seven years, Rockwood had replicated this model with seven other sectors, convening over 170 leaders, in partnership with twelve foundations.
In May 2012, Rockwood invited Leadership Learning Community (LLC) to assess the design, implementation, and effectiveness of its Fellowship Model in supporting individual leaders and their sectors to have greater collective influence and impact on their leadership and collective capacity within the sector.  Review the methodology, findings and recommendations here: