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The Leadership Learning Community is partnering with the Safe Spaces Project, an organization dedicated to strengthening, and creating, welcoming spaces that foster the development and flourishing of LGBTQ youth.  We will work with the team to:

  • Strengthen the networks of LGBTQ-youth serving entities in the United States and gain visibility for these LGBTQ youth issues.
  • Encourage communication and peer learning among established and emerging leaders.
  • Facilitate collective action at federal, state, and local levels and give voice to LGBTQ youth concerns, and have youth themselves speaking and engaged in policy and decision-making tables.
  • Create a forum for LGBTQ youth organizations and youth to connect with each other to advocate around policy and services.

During the first phase of the project we will work with Safe Spaces staff to identify, categorize, and map LGBTQ-youth serving, youth-led, and youth-capacity building organizations that exist across the United States, and explore the potential of creating a community of learning and practice among leaders in diverse domains committed to LGBTQ youth advocacy, empowerment, and service.