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A Scan of Health Leadership Development Programs

Client: The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
Author: Tino DeVelde, Richard A. Couto, Pauline Vela, Janet Rechtman, Jamie Schenker, Elissa Perry, Deborah Meehan, Claire Reinelt, Bella Celnik
Subject: health
Type of Service: Scan
Date of Publication: 06/30/2005

The Leadership Learning Community conducted a scan of the field of Health Leadership for the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, RWJF. As part of conducting the scan LLC convened more than 30 national representatives of health leadership programs to talk about their work, their challenges and opportunities for increasing the impact of leadership development in the field of health. Participants described the costs of fragmentation that undermines efforts to develop a unifying vision or coordinate a collective response or reform agenda to address the degradation of health care.