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Jara Dean-Coffey

Contact Information

Name: Jara Dean-Coffey
City: San Rafael
State: CA

Consulting Philosophy: Jara Dean-Coffey, MPH, is Founder and Principal of jdcPartnerships, a minority woman-owned consulting firm located in the San Francisco Bay Area established in 2002. Jara has worked extensively with public, social, and philanthropic sector organizations. She has more than 18 years experience working in designing and implementing processes and tools that integrate strategic thinking with evaluative inquiry to support organizations in building their strategic capacity to achieve mission-related impact. Drawing on this experience and her formal training in evaluation, Ms Dean-Coffey has developed jdcPartnerships’ highly successful approach to facilitating organizations’ use of evaluative inquiry to inform organizational decision-making, develop a learning culture, and implement and sustain systems-level change. Consulting Philosophy: The following principles frame jdcPartnerships approach to our work: 1) Organizational context and practice shape the process and must be considered if meaningful inquiry, assessment, reflection and decision-making are to occur, 2) Organizational learning is based on the intentional use of information to inform strategy, decisions and practices, and 3) It is essential to be reality-based and consider current and future capacity and resources.