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Centerpoint for leaders is a learning community and resource for current and future executives of nonprofit organizations, board members, community volunteers, business people who volunteer or work part-time for nonprofits, and anyone involved in leading community initiatives.
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(202) 244-3020

Centerpoint for Leaders offers The Civil Society Fellowship, a new cross-sector, diverse and inclusive leadership fellows programs that encompasses mentoring, community problem solving, understanding of other cultures through intense study and travel. The program is designed to be crosscutting, community-building leadership experiences. The program will commence with the selection of a group of 36 fellows, nine individuals from each of the four major regions of the country: Northeast, Midwest, South and West. Each regional group of nine will include three leaders from business, government and nonprofit organizations. The tri-sector approach, another core value, is thus reflected in the basic structure of this program. The Fellowships will last for two years with participants meeting as a single group, six times. These meetings will consist of five to seven-day institutes that include advanced leadership training, reflection, skill building exercises and community problem solving. In addition to training, discussion and reflection, each regional team of nine will work on a community problem of their choice. The community projects will be featured in the regional seminar meetings, a part of the six meeting agenda of the fellowship. By the second year of the fellowship, the regional teams will be expected to 1) have researched their community problem, 2) have developed an action plan, and 3) be in the process of putting the plan into action. Since teams are working in concert, the plans will feature the cross-sector, multi-organizational cooperation features built into the structure of the fellowships.