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Fresh Youth Initiatives (FLI)

Host type:
Nonprofit Organization

Key contact:

Name: JoAnn Santiago
Phone: 212 781 1113

What are the desired outcomes of the program?

Does the program serve a specific population?

Yes : The typical FYI participant is 10-18 years old, of either Latino or African-American descent, and lives in a family with an income close to or below the poverty line. Academically, they are usually in the "middle of the pack"- the kid who often fall between the cracks of the educational system because they are neither underachievers nor are they "gifted" - but who have tremendous potential if given the attention and encouragement of a supportive environment. Most participants live in our home community of Washington Heights, in Upper Manhattan, New York City.

What are key assumptions about leadership and how to support and develop leadership embedded in the program?

What leadership development theories does the program support?
What leadership devlopment approaches does the program support\utilize?
What is the focus of the program?
What are the core components of the program? What leadership capacities does the program cultivate?
Does the initiative have a "theory of change" or a "program logic model"? (will link to definition nodes on dev server)