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National Youth Employment Coalition

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Phone: (202) 659-1064

What are the desired outcomes of the program?

Does the program serve a specific population?

Yes : Anyone who works with or on behalf of youth age 14 - 25 is eligible to apply. The Academy specifically seeks individuals who: - demonstrate commitment to improving the youth employment/youth development field; - have at least five years experience working in the youth employment/youth development field and hold mid-level positions within their organizations; - have the support of their employer to cover tuition and travel (to and from two residential training sessions) and to provide release time for study throughout the year; and - agree to participate in ALL program activities for one year (January - December). The New Leaders Academy is not designed for senior leaders of organizations.

What are key assumptions about leadership and how to support and develop leadership embedded in the program?

What leadership development theories does the program support?
Not specified
What leadership devlopment approaches does the program support\utilize?
Community Leadership
What is the focus of the program?
What are the core components of the program? What leadership capacities does the program cultivate?
Does the initiative have a "theory of change" or a "program logic model"? (will link to definition nodes on dev server)