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If so, whom?
Grassroots, "emerging" women leaders; primarily but not exclusively women of color.
Phone #
(916) 498-6960

WHL starts from the premise of women as the natural advocates for their families, friends and communities. WHL recruits community women, primarily but not exclusively women of color, who are the ones people turn to in crisis or for resources or to "get the job done"; a woman who may not yet identify as a "leader" despite others recognizing her natural leadership abilities. These "emerging" leaders participate in a year-long leadership school. During their year, they attend four convenings to explore styles of leadership, enhance skills, network with other community leaders, develop cross-cultural, diverse relationships, take risks, and work on individual leadership development plans and a leadership learning project. Between convenings they meet in smaller "learning groups" in-person or via teleconferences for continued support, networking, and resource sharing and they receive monthly mailings with information and resources based on assessments they completed when first joining the program. They are also connected to the WHL Alumni Network via a list serve and quarterly newsletters. Once they graduate they become members of the WHL Alumni Network, a movement of to-date 318 women committed to life-long learning and leadership on behalf of their communities.