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High school youth of Providence, Rhode Island.
Michelle Veras
Phone #
401-751-4264 x3

Founded in 1997, Youth In Action (YIA) provides Providence youth with pathways to success through the integration of leadership development opportunities, community-based action projects, mentoring, and academic assistance. By engaging in a governance and an operating structure that utilizes the leadership of youth, YIA members are able to develop the skills, social competency, resiliency, and determination they need to reach their personal life-goals and be proactive in shaping the community around them. YIA youth make up the majority of YIA's board of directors, and lead and manage community outreach and peer-education programs around non-violence and sexual health. Ultimately, youth members develop a skill base that can be taken outside YIA's walls, and be used to improve the Providence community by actively engaging in its schools, politics, and culture.