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Learning for Sustainability

Abstract: The Learning For Sustainability website has been substantially revised and updated over the past few months. This site focuses on sustainability issues, and provides an online guide for government agency staff, NGOs and other agency or organizational leaders working to support multi-stakeholder learning processes. Here this support is used to refer to building the capacity of those many individuals in agencies, organizations and communities that directly or indirectly take the lead in initiating and supporting the many social process strands that support a learning society. The site provides links to key information sources on each strand - include networking, dialogue, adaptive management, knowledge management and evaluation. A short introduction to each section outlines the nature of the resource links provided, and provides pointers to other topic areas which are closely related in use. Other pages provide links to guides, manuals and checklists that address issues such as participation and engagement. A new section points to resources on underpinning social research methods including systems thinking, interdisciplinary and action research. One page lists on-line resources for both post-graduate research students and their supervisors. Topics include thinking about the supervisory team, as well as tips for structuring and writing a thesis or dissertation.