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Summary of Results from a Leadership Development Cost-Benefit Analysis Survey

Author: Claire Reinelt
Abstract: The purposes of conducting and evaluating the results of this survey were to: explore the benefits and potential hazards of cost benefit analysis; harvest early learning about what constitutes a strong return on investment (e.g. numbers, strategic impact, etc.) and how it is achieved; and,explore methodologies and approaches for gathering data about the return on leadership investments.
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Cost benefit case studies

Sally Leiderman from the Center of Assessment and Policy Development is about to complete a cost-benefit study that consists of three case studies about how nonprofit leadership development programs measure their costs and benefits. Available resources about how to determine costs and benefits, and calculate return on investment will be described. This should be available on the site in the next 3-4 weeks.

Summary of results from Cost-benefit analysis survey

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Summary Document

Hi, Paula and all. Looks like the document wasn't attached to the abstract when it was created. oops. I will attach it now. Thanks for inquiring.